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BLUE is operating an in-situ ozone remediation system for the remediation of PCBs in soil and groundwater under an EPA demonstration permit under 40 CFR 761:60 (e) – TSCA - the first and only of its kind - for the destruction of PCBs by alternate method (alternate to incineration and land-filling) in the United States.

Three years of demonstration permit remediation activities have been completed. Throughout this period, semi-annual sampling and laboratory analysis have documentated a 90% destruction of PCBs, in both soils and ground water, site-wide. Pre – remedial concentrations were as high as 14,000 mg/kg, with an estimated total PCB mass of 3,101 lbs. The post remedial goal for this site is 1 mg/kg.

Currently an application for an EPA Technology Permit is in process which allows BLUE to use this in-situ technology patented by Kerfoot Technologies, Inc. of Mashpee, MA and licensed to BLUE for the remediation of PCBs. This technology permit is expected to be applicable throughout the United States.

Initial estimates indicate that a savings of 60% over conventional methods has been realized for the remediation of PCBs at this site.

Other contaminants of concern at this site are petroleum-based hydrocarbons in which the PCBs were entrained. For more information about this project, go to:   In-Situ Ozone Remediation of PCB Contaminated Soils

For more information about PCBs:  http://www.epa.gov/epawaste/hazard/tsd/pcbs/index.htm

About BLUE
About BLUE

Graphics, above, indicate PCB mass reductions over time, as modeled by CTech’s Mining Visualization System (MVS).  MVS depicts an initial high mass loading of 3,101 lbs. and, with continuous ozone application, a site wide mass level reduction to 284 lbs. within 36 months.

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